Scholarships and Fellowships

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We want to work with you to help you win scholarships and fellowships, for opportunities during and after college!

The CEO can help with timelines, making sure your materials are ready, essay review (as permitted), connecting you with individual scholarship advisors, and more.

We have a proven track record in helping students win competitive scholarships and fellowships during and after college. Attitude and work habits often matter more than GPA; talk to us today about opportunities for you.

McDaniel students have won:

Come in today to talk to us about Marshall, Mitchell, Truman, Goldwater, Rhodes, and many more scholarship opportunities!

Visit the Financial Aid Office's list of scholarships and grants that can help you fund your time here at McDaniel. Since we not have access to your financial information, if you have questions about your specific financial aid status, we encourage you to schedule a meeting with Julie Weaver in the Financial Aid Office.

Asking for a letter of recommendation? Please print out this release form, fill it out, and provide it to the person providing the reference. 

Other Special Opportunities 

Innovation Challenge: Click here to learn more about how you can propose your own business and win up to $10,000 and the best start-up mentorship!

Griswold-Zepp in Student Volunteerism Award: Click here to learn more about how to win a grant supporting student-developed community service projects. In past years, students who won the Griswold-Zepp Award have taught social media workshops to nonprofits, or sponsored a trip to West Virginia to study the water quality and engage in community clean-ups.

McDaniel College Summer Intern Fellowship: The CEO sponsors a limited number of competitive need-based summer intern fellowship awards designed to help defray the cost of summer internships. Click here to learn more!


Samantha Wilson, McDaniel's 2018 Fulbright finalist